The lost SD-Card at the Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Back in July 2021 I was up at the Fagradalsfjall Volcano with a group of Swiss photographers enjoying the impressive sight of the volcano. This was the third evening we have been up here, so I was already flying with my drone quite a bit, and my colleges recommended to swap the SD-card, in case I would lose my drone. After my 2nd or so flight, I changed the cards and went back up into the air.

Back at the Hotel, I was missing my good SD-card! I knew it had awesome footage on it, and I was quite sad, that I had lost them.  But hey… live goes on.

This weekend, in November 2022, I got an e-mail from Daniel with the subject “Lost SD card”, at first, I thought it was a spam message, but Daniel was asking if I would have lost an SD card in Iceland back in 2021…. My hart started racing! How could he know this? He must have found my card, but how did he know it was mine?

Well, it turned out that he found my SD-card, in the white plastic enclosure up on the rim at the volcano! I also had named my drive “MyName-M2P” or something alike, and a quick google search revealed my e-mail!

MANY thanks to Daniel who found my cards, but also who took the time to find me!

So here is my lost footage for all of you to enjoy